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Hello I lost my two round bolts(1989 owo1) that holds the seat cowling on to the frame. These bolts are right behind the back seat rest.Size about 2 cm in diameter with 4 holes drilled into it. If you have some spares boltsI will gladly buy them from you. If not could someone give me a set of detailed measurements so that I could have these made. Also want were these made out of? Aluminum or steel? How were the coat? Chrome, Zinc or just clear coated? Will appreciate any kind of input. Close up photos would also be great

Thank you for your time


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Hi Robert, these are hard anodised ally and are as rare as hens teeth!! (not what you wanted to hear)

There is a guy in Germany making replicas for about £60 a pair, I cant vouch for them as Ive not seen them, but you should be able to find him selling on ebay.



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