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Hi guys hoping you can help me out here .for a 1993 yzf750r out on bike today and got caught in rain now bike is misfiring quote badly low down what could the issue be
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The usual suspects, water ingress to HT (usually) parts. So check condition of HT leads, caps etc and especially joints with coils / caps. Have the OEM plug caps been replaced with aftermarket ones? if so, and if the ribbed seals have been left off, then the plug tunnels fill up with rubbish and water, causing missfires. Also can make the plug seize into the head. Plug caps off, get some compressed air in there followed by a water dispersant like WD40 and see if it goes away. Whilst your at it, clean the plug caps, coils and leads with WD40 on a rag.

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Hi I sprayed everything with wd40 and it is running better now so next question is can the leads be replaced or is it coils as well
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