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Hello all, new fella to this site and to owning a YZF750R. I've owned many bikes over the 30 or so years and I am very mechanically inclined but have never really had that many problems with carbs on my motorcycles mainly my motocrossers and being just on carb they are easy to deal with.

I bought a 1996 YZF750R a couple months (end of June 2017) ago in like new condition with only 13,500kms on it but was sitting in a climate controlled shop since 2014. In 2014 the last owner had new plugs and the carbs cleaned, and then he only rode it a few times before parking it.

when I got it it started and ran good but had some studdering and popping off idle which I expected the carbs to have some build up in them from sitting for sometime. I removed the gas in it and put fresh 94 octane gas and some seaform in her and tried the easy route in hopes the seaform would clean any gunk in the carbs out and I would get lucky but as luck has it here I am. I've had the carbs off the bike a couple of time but this time I am going through them as indepth as I can.

I found a few things one is obvious corrosion one of the jets but the other I'm not quite sure why its happening an hope I can find and answer here. I am getting some carbon build up around the slide area in one of the carbs. I am going to try and include pics so you can se what I'm talking about.

P.S and of course I can't figure out how to add pics!!! grrrrr!!!

Thanks in advance. 

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I did find white lithium grease around the slide diaphram seal ring and gumming up the little hole with the oring next to the diaphram sealing ring. I also found what looked like carbon build up too the first time and just wiped it down but there is more this time around. 

Why does this site ask for a URL when I want to upload an image rather then where I want to upload it from ie: my pictures folder on my puter?

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The fuel cock diaphragms can perish and leak on these. When it get's really bad all the fuel gets's sucked through the leak down the vacuum line in to cylinder 1 or 2 ? And at the same the carbs don't get any fuel because it's all getting sucked down the vacuum line.


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