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Si Westwood
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So after six months I've finally or just about finished my mini OW01 or as I call her my OW0.5!

I had been saving my pennies for the last few years to finally buy a OW01 and was nearly there when the wife asked if I could pay off her credit card bill.  So thinking it'd be about a grand I agreed.  £6,500 or there abouts later she was debt free and I was now well short.  So I decided to spend and bought a FZR400RR and a YZF750R.  Big compromise and one I regretted a few weeks later when my wages came through from my contarct overseas.  So I decided I'd carry on a build the 400 I had always wanted.  I'd raced one some 20 odd years earlier and always loved the little bike and said many a time it was the bike that tought me how to corner fast.

I bought a box stock except for a slip on Micron end can bike that turned out to be the second ever FZR400RR ever made.  When I told friends of my plan to make it a race bike many where horrified and told me to leave it alone.  But I wanted a race bike so the conversion started.  The bike was low milage and in very good condition.  The wiring harness was like new and the previous owner had already done some resto work, all of which was to be no good on a race bike as these parts, front and rear sub frame lights etc have all been junked.  The bike was complety stripped except for the engine as parts are rare and I was advised if it aint broke don't strip it.  The engine was sodium blasted in a little pop up tent and many parts refreshed and plated.  Forks sent to Maxton and many other new parts swapped for better.  Custom front and rear sub frames made, race loom and CDi unit fitted and if it wasn't needed it was put in a box and stored.  To cut a long story short this is what I ended up with.

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Lovely, hope I get to see it in the flesh
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