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big al
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Can somebody give me an idea what my ow might be worth? original parts are: brakes, frame and forks (maxton internals and rear shock) tank, rear subframe and wheels. Non standard parts are: yzf 750 motor (std) yzf 750 swingarm (fitted by Maxton so linkage is all correct) Other bits to go with it are: ow 4 dog gearbox, deep sump and strainer ow cams, ow original carbs (yzf carbs on at the minute) spare wheels no discs though. I have owned this bike since I raced it in 1996, it was last ridden at Scarborough six years ago, and has been dry stored ever since. I don't need to sell it, but I'm currious as to what it might be worth.

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They seem to vary in prices.

I can only go on what I see on the market. Last race bike on ebay was around £10k but it had OW arm, an exup motor and alleged race history, nice paint job though and that seems to make them easier to sell. With racers it can also depend on whether the bike has many scars, classic OW damage is to the frame, or any provenance.


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