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Hi All,

New to the forum but wanted to know if anyone could positively ID this Yamaha Wheel Kit? I bought this years back when I had my YZR500 as a possible spare kit, It was advertised as a YZF750SP or OW01 Yamaha Kit Part of 4FN-C5110-70. I have tried to research the part on Google but it has obviously been either delieted or updated so no info out there. I know when I bought it the kit was not cheap. Anyway I have sold the YZR years ago and have no need for the kit so if interested please PM. 

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Cannot get image to load sorry. The kit contains two disc spacers, two wheel spacers one anodized blue and one red, one axle tube and a set of bearings and set of bearing spacers. The kit is new.

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Hi YZR500,

The kit you have is for the YZF750SP and is for use on the standard forks with a Marchesini wheel.



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