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Joachim Huse
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Hey, is there anyone who knows where i could find some replacement forks? stock or not don`t really matter aslong as they fit without any major modification. My left fork i shattered and I can`t find a replecement anywhere. Thanks :)

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Si Westwood
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I have some Ducati 916 forks for sale.  Open to offers

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Ducati/Aprilia Showas come with 53/53mm diameter in the triple clamps and are shorter. The YZF got quite unique 50/56 in the triple clamps, so not really plug an play. Take a look at Easiest conversion maybe is to get a full RN12 frontend. Triple clamps come with the same offset/space and can be modified to fit the stearing head of the YZF (other bearings + milling down bearing seat surface -2mm of lower triple clamp). Front axle is identical so you can Keep the rim and discs. Maybe speedo drive needs to be modified to fit. There are also a lot of 50/54mm Setups - can be mounted with inserts on the lower triple, but always check riding height no to decrease to much and clearance cooler/tyre when compressed as the 750 got unusual tall USD forks.
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These will fit straight on + plus bragging rights in pub (check my profile pic)

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