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Hi all,

I've been trying for ages now but can't seem to upload pictures of my recent YZF build :(

I've lusted after one for ages now and finally decided it was time to take the plunge as prices are on the up and up......So I joined this forum and have scoured the pages researching and taking on board the wealth of information.

The bike was bought in September last year as a road bike, I stripped all the road gear off and sold it, then started the rebuild. It will be used for classic trackdays as well as modern ones, but keep the minimum requirements in order to keep it road legal (horn, speedo, odometer).

Work done;

Stripped the rear ohlins shock and powdercoated / painted

Jacked the rear end up with -5mm dogbones and an 18mm spacer in the top (gives it about 40mm lift at the seat)

Stripped and rebuilt the forks with ohlins spring kit, lowered the forks through the yokes 12mm

Converted the front brakes to R1 blue spot calipers

Converted the rear to R1 blue spot caliper

Changed the master cylinders to Brembo type

all new braided hoses

new bearings, seals and bolts throughout

home made remote brake adjuster, various brackets etc

modified wiring loom

re-shimmed the valves and fully serviced the motor

fitted a new set of headers with exup valve removed

titanium akrapovic end can

installed an air/fuel sensor into the exhaust system with gauge on the dash so the fuel ratio can be monitored in real time (helps with setting up as I've fitted a works rep airbox)

custom aftermarket digital dash

stage 3 dynojet kit with modifications to carbs (I can't afford FCR's)

custom air filter and bracket

fresh-air scoop fitted to bring cool air into the airbox

modified quickshifter converted from a modern coil on plug type to dual coil system

digital gear indicator modified from existing pickup

tank breather

McKenzie "Boost" replica fairing with all airbrushed paint (no decals)

works replica front fairing mount (purchased off here :) ;)

First run out on Sunday 6th Jan and it went very well, it will need some more fettling before going on a dyno but promising results so far. I'm keeping an eye out for some proper carbs to get the best from it though!

Link to photo album here" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://    

any advice on how to post pics would be well received!

and thanks to Mark Ess and Si Westwood for the advice I've been given along the way, much appreciated guys!

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Little walk around vid of the bike here" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://

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Looks smart, nice work!


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Cheers Rich

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Si Westwood
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Its a great looking bike and look forward to seeing it in the metal at one of the classic rounds.  Good job Steve.

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