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Terry Rymer makes it a clean sweep at Donington Park!

Terry Rymer, former World Endurance Champion, Multiple World Superbike and BSB winner came out of racing retirement last weekend to race his Peter Day Yamaha OW-01 at Donington Park with Thundersport GB, in the Golden Era Superbike class.

Terry showed he had lost none of the fire, as he took time out from his job as JG Speedfit Kawasaki Team Manager, and battled with 2 times title winner John Dieterman on his YZF750. John certainly didn't make things easy for him, and pushed him all the way.

But it was "Too tall Tel" who was triumphant in all four races, treating the large crowds to a display of OW-01 dominance. John Dieterman gained enough points on the Saturday to take the Golden Era Superbike title for a second year.


What an awesome weekends racing at Donington Park with thundersport gb. Peter Day and I arrived on Friday lunchtime and I generally minced about whilst he put the finishing touches to the ow01. I then took both it and the Yzf 750sp out in turn and set about learning the Gp circuit. I don't learn circuits fast. Something was not correct with the shock on the Yzf. I turned beautifully down Craner, but Sat down and destroyed its rear slick in short order on the power. investigation is required. So on Saturday morning I concentrated on the ow01 for the weekend having qualified a lowly 14th on the Yzf.
John Dieterman kindly donated a pair of used Dunlop slicks for me to try, as I had been hoping to test some at some point. For me, the front Dunlop had more grip (a huge amount) but they weren't night and day different to the Pirelli superbike slicks. But then they didn't go off, and the same pair of used tyres stayed on there all weekend! Very impressed.
My lap times got steadily faster as my circuit knowledge and confidence improved. This was my first ride since two highsides at took a while to heal, or I would have got back on sooner.
With a best result of 6th in the last race, and catching the guys in front, I was really chuffed. The Hi-lite Signs OW-01 never missed a beat, and it was brilliant just to be thrashing my pride and joy in the sunshine, at my favourite track.
I wanted to put the demons of Cadwell to bed, have a fun, solid ride, and a good result. That's just what we achieved, so I'm very happy to put the bikes to bed now for the winter.
I couldnt have done it without Peter Day, Hi-lite Signs, and my mechanic Derrick Smith, and young Skywalker Sam Smith. Sam, you went up the mountain a boy but came down as a man. Hope you enjoyed it.
Thanks Aaron Staniforth and Ady Butler for travelling to support me. It means a lot.
Not least , thanks to Caroline Ess for supporting me in what has been a difficult, and at times expensive season. Let's end it on a high.

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The inaugural Cadwell Park International Classic was to be the highlight of the racing calender for us this year.  On the back of the success of last years 80th anniversary celebrations, the event was scaled up to 2 days, with parades, demonstrations, displays, historic aircraft displays, special guest interviews, live music and much more. It was a great weekend, and one we were proud to be involved with. Congratulations to all concerned. Click the pictures below to enlarge.

It was the race debut for our new YZF750SP racer too. I managed to put it into 3rd place in qualifying for the International Classic Superbike race, behind Richard Steadman on his YZF750 and Ian Simpson on his Peter Day OW01. Something I was quite pleased with, being only the bikes second outing on track.

I sat and waited for the start lights to come on, when everyone around me cleared off! Then I noticed some chap waving a flag around. It has been some years since I started a race like that. So followed on politely behind.

A restart after 1 lap gave me another go at the start. I fouled it up completely, bogging the engine and going nowhere. I think I was about 6th into the first bend, and fought my way though the pack to second place. Richard Steadman way miles out in front by then so congratulations to him on a convincing win.

Being presented with my trophy by none other than Giacomo Agostini, was the highlight of my weekend and made me very proud. A shame I didn't get a photograph of it to commemorate the occasion. Sadly it was to be our last dry race of the weekend, and our last and only positive result.

Then the rains came. And boy did it rain. The Tommy Wood Trophy was the next on our list, and the one I badly wanted to win. Out on the OW01 in appalling conditions, I took the holeshot and never looked back. Perhaps I should have looked back, because on the last lap I had over ten seconds lead over second place, and with the OW being solid and surefooted as ever, pressed on towards the flag. I then highsided out of the penultimate corner, throwing away a clear race win. The bike slid a long way down the track. In hindsight I could have picked her up and made it over the line for the win still. However, I would have been disqualified had I done so. I cant apologise to Peter enough, and with my years of experience, I really should have known better.

I was bruised and battered, but uninjured. The bike suffered a broken footpeg and gearchange, bent subframe, various bent brackets and trashed bodywork.

Peter did an unbelievable job, and finished the OW with minutes to spare before Superbike race 2. I didn't want to subject the shiny new YZF to those conditions!  

The poor OW01 during Superbike race 2, looking very second-hand follwing the highside at the Old Hairpin whilst leading on the last lap.

Thank you Peter for an amazing job getting me back out there.

Superbike Race 2 saw me make the holeshot again, and take an early lead. I could not find any rear grip however. I've not yet found out why, but the confidence I had in the Tommy Wood race (up to the highside) just wasn't there. The front was rock steady, enough for knee-don in terrible rain. But on the exits, the wheelspin was getting worse. I lost the lead after a big out-of-the-seat moment. Then lost second after another. I was happy to sit  in a safe third place. At that point, she fired me over the handlebars at Hall bends before I could blink. It snapped out so fast it was impossible to catch. The sequence below was kindly sent to me by trackside spectator Ray Brooks...

So, an inglorious end to a prestigious meeting, but that's racing as they say. Highs and lows. Thanks to all who came to say hello and asked about the bikes, thanks to Peter for all his incredibly hard work over the weekend, and I really did make hard work of it, and to all my sponsors and helpers.

Let's end on a high note, a trophy from the great Giacomo Agostini...It doesn't get much better than that!


PERFORMANCE BIKES AUGUST 2015 - Take a sneaky peek around the workshop!

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July 2015

Thank you to CMM and Bertie Simmonds for a great article on Peters recently completed YZF750SP fast orange Whitham replica, and YZF750SP Suzuka 8 hour-inspired race bike.

More to follow shortly on the 8-hour bike. We have now done a track test.....

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Practical sportsbikes have a great article this month on the Golden Era superbikes Class, which features some of the riders and their '90s bikes.


Thank you to Motorcycle news for a nice article this week, featuring Terry Rymer and his Peter Day OW01. Hopefully you can read it here by clicking on the images above.

Golden Era Superbikes 30 / 31st May 2015

The first big outing for the new OW01 engine didn't go exactly to plan. The plan was to run the engine in during the Friday (test day) morning, set up the new forks and geometry in the early afternoon, and hopefully sneak out for a shakedown test of the new YZF750 later in the afternoon.

Typical Cadwell weather put paid to that! Torrential rain, hailstorms and track floods meant that the YZF stayed in the van, and I got to splash round, completely soaked to the skin for the day, running the engine in.

This meant that we had no dry setup time at all on the new running gear. So it was straight into 8 mins of dry qualifying on Saturday morning, and oh dear, it was a battle. I qualified a dismal 12th, with much to do in terms of setup and also progress through the field.

Race 1 saw a terrific start which put me into about 5th place into the first corner. Unfortunately it was all backwards progress from there and I finished in 11th place with very sore hands. Some tweaks later, and we made some positive suspension adjustments to finish the 2nd race in a better 9th position.

Some head scratching on Saturday night ensued, and we awoke to heavy rain on Sunday morning...

Peter looking unimpressed at the weather!

The thought that the bad weather could play into our hands literally evaporated at lunch time, when the rain stopped and the track began to dry. Naturally it only half dried, and so a tyre gamble ensued, with most riders seeming to opt for the safer option of wets. Here was my chance to either shine or roll around on the grass...treaded dry tyres were duly fitted and off we went.

A rubbish start on the wet grid, with wheelspin up to third gear meant the race was spent steadily picking off riders that either chose slicks, or later on, those who's wets were failing them. This ended in a best result of the weekend with fourth place.

The final race of the weekend was mercifully dry, and with more tweaks, the bike was really starting to handle now, giving the best laptimes of the weekend. 6th place was deemed satisfactory, given the circumstances of being on the back-foot all weekend. More testing in dry conditions is now needed before the next meeting. I was at least complimented on the "missile" straight line speed of the bike!